Membership with Vyvant Ventures offers investors many advantages. Some of them include:

  • Association with other premier angel groups.
  • Increased deal flow to top emerging companies across a broad range of industries.
  • Improved deal terms as a result of investing collectively..
  • Introductions and access to the network of over 75 successful business leaders.
  • Opportunity to work as a team to evaluate and learn from each other during Due Diligence.
  • High quality monthly meetings with top notch company and educational presentations

Vyvant Ventures is not a fund and does not invest as a group. Our members collaborate on due diligence and pool their investment funds to create critical mass; but each member makes individual investment decisions and understands that investments in early-stage, privately-held ventures are risky and can be highly illiquid. Typical angel investments can take years before capital is returned, and, in some cases, the company goes out of business and no money is returned.  Serving on corporate boards can also expose an individual to substantial personal liability.